About Us

How did we get into farming?

Dane and Rachael enjoyed their previous decade(ish) as professional outdoor educators with the outdoor school NOLS. Both share a love for working in beautiful outdoor settings around the world, teaching, and working in a profession that supports their values. NOLS is an excellent non-profit built upon the belief that wilderness expeditions provide an ideal venue to foster leadership skills. These skills are transferable to all aspects of participants lives and Dane and Rachael apply them to their work on the farm regularly.

After years of traveling Dane and Rachael have been desiring to make a home and invest in a community. They feel so fortunate to be making Powell River their home and to act as stewards of the land they are farming.

Aligning their work with their values is a top priority for Rachael and Dane. They believe that growing healthy food organically to be enjoyed locally is a small but vital step toward a more sustainable future. 

Why we do what we do

We choose to farm because we desire to be of positive impact for our community in this changing climate we now live in. We choose to farm because we value our strong work ethic and want to invest our energy into a place. We choose to farm because we love working outside and want to be stewards of the land we farm and live on. We choose to farm for the opportunity this occupation provides for continuous learning about this skill and ourselves. Lastly we choose farming because we want a job that allows us to work together.

Smitty, our farm supervisor.

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